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Student Needs A Global Perspective For Their Better Future

Future Leaders Of The World: Why Every Student Needs A Global Perspective For Their Better Future?


As the years progress, every country and its culture and values are getting inter-connected with each other. Schools from every corner of the world, even in Malaysia must adapt their way of teaching and learning according to the changing environment.

One of the bright aspects of the Malaysian education system is that most of the students are highly motivated to make a difference in this world. According to survey, it has been found that 4 out of 5 students wanted to pursue a career that would allow them to contribute toward the global pressing issues.

pressing issues.


We all know that today’s children are tomorrow’s future leaders. Let’s prepare them to become impactful future leaders by making them aware of the global culture, values, and issues that will give them a global perspective.

In this blog post, we will explore how to broaden the horizon of students through global perspective topics, which will not only enhance their learning process but also equip students with skills that will help them thrive in an inter-connected society.

How Does Global Education Prepare Students For Future Careers?

There are various benefits of adding global education to every Malaysian school curriculum. Let’s get to know how does it benefit to prepare students for future careers:

Understanding the Historical Context

To truly understand the value of global education, we need to understand the historical context. In the earlier educational industry era, education, every country’s education curriculum has been limited to local history culture, and values only.

However, as time progresses global interaction has been rising because of the transportation from one country to another and recently because of the digital technology. As the global economies are getting interconnected and interlinked, the introduction of a global perspective in every school curriculum is not just an added benefit for students but it becomes a necessity for them to thrive in this society.

Prepare Them For Globalized World

As the years progress by, the coming generation of children will have to interact with their peers from different backgrounds, countries, and races in school and once they grow older they can expect to work in any multi-national corporation or even in the time to do their own business they can expect to work with people with a different background as well.

That’s why it’s very essential to make children aware of the global market and global issues to be culturally aware and respect its values to gel with others and even contribute to eradicating any pressing global issue.

Let’s get to know how global perspective can help students to thrive in inter-connected world:

Promotes Cultural Literacy

By giving access of knowledge related to different corners of the world cultures, traditions, and histories to students will help them to expand their knowledge level horizon and begin to embrace diversity in their lives. Cultural literacy also helps them to collaborate with people from across the nation.

Promotes Critical Thinking

You might be wondering how a global perspective in education improves critical thinking skills. Well, it does. Because while you will educate your students about challenges that other parts of the world are facing such as- climate change, and food or water crisis it will encourage them to think critically by analysing those situations and they can also come up with their own holistic solutions for them.

Develop Language Skills

As the year passes by, the global marketplace is getting competitive and to thrive in it, developing global competence in language learning is essential. By helping students to develop their language skills not only helps to improve their communication skills but also helps them to understand different cultures with an open mind.

Address Challenges On a Global Level

Facing challenges is a part of the life of every individual and it’s inevitable. Today’s generation of children is the future of the upcoming generation and to prepare them for the challenges they might face or see globally related to the climate issue, health-related issues like the recent event of COVID-19, or issues related to economics or politics on an international level.

The addition of a global perspective in the education curriculum not only helps children to become good citizens of their country but on the global level as well who’s ready to take action in favour of the betterment of humankind globally.

Let’s get to know, how does global education prepare for future careers and also helps them to come up with creative ideas to deal with challenging situations:

Understanding of Climate change

It is known globally that humankind is currently facing a challenging and pressing issue which is drastic climate change. By embedding a global perspective in the curriculum of every school in Malaysia will encourage students to understand the climate change implication better.

They will also start to figure out the reason behind drastic climatic changes like- sudden rise or fall in temperature, socio-economic impact on global population, environmental responsibility to follow, and geopolitics of renewable energy.

After finding the reason they also be able to come up with some creative solutions to deal with climatic challenges.

Understanding Health Crisis

We have recently faced one of the most lethal health crises globally which is the COVID-19 pandemic and during this critical time, we understood the value of standing together and coming up with collaborative solutions.

By introducing a global perspective of students will help students to have a better understanding of the complexity of health policy worldwide, the medicine and vaccine distribution process, and most importantly socio-cultural implications of health crises. This will help students the importance of collaboration during any health crisis and also help them to come up with global-minded strategies to deal with any health-related challenges.

Understand the Importance of Universal Human Rights

The vision of human rights is universal, but their application and challenges are different in all parts of the world. A global education helps students be aware of such disparities, and become the voice for everyone who’s not getting the basic equal rights to make the world equal for everyone.

Expands Student’s Horizons and Enhances Learning

One of the most important benefits of embedding global education in the school curriculum is that it broadens the horizon of thoughts and enhances knowledge levels and learning experiences. For example- Students is pursuing their education in Malaysia and they get to know about the crisis related to the socio-economic of Africa. They get to learn a lot of ideas, beliefs, crisis, and ways of living of other countries thus making their learning process knowledge-rich and making them an individual who’s aware of global situations, history, and values.

Develop Student’s Empathy and Social Skills

One of the most overlooked benefits of introducing the concept of global perspective with students is that it helps them to build their social skills and empathy as well. When students get to know different countries’ history and values, they can connect with people with different backgrounds easily.

Talking about empathy, when students get to know stories of people from different backgrounds, and what challenges and experiences they have faced helps to develop empathy in students. They become able to put themselves in those individuals’ shoes to understand exactly how they felt which makes them an empathetic person who also becomes effective communicators and collaborators.

Embedding Global Perspective in Education Is Necessary For Students To Thrive In Life

There’s no denying that introducing students to a global perspective has many benefits. However, as an educator, you must need to ensure that global education topics are not being taught on a superficial level. Make sure to integrate a global perspective in the school curriculum in various subjects and topics which will help students to gain an in-depth global perspective and they will have a better understanding of global history, values, and on-going crisis.

So, do not wait any further, pursue online degree courses in Malaysia and help your students understand the global perspective and to help them to broaden their horizons historically and value-wise, which will ultimately thrive academically, personally, and societally.

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