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Level Up Your TESOL Career: Explore Exciting Opportunities With An MA In TESOL


Have you decided to upgrade your English teaching career by pursuing an MA in TESOL to stay ahead of your competition? However, you might have lots of questions in your mind like-

Is an MA in TESOL really worth it? 

How this advanced-level degree can unlock different opportunities? 

What are the different MA TESOL job opportunities available in the education industry? 

If you also have all of the above-mentioned doubts, then we have got you covered.

In this blog post, we will be exploring everything you need to know about the MA in TESOL advanced degree in detail.

What is a Masters Degree in TESOL?

Teachers who basically want to teach in higher education and in those locations that have stricter teaching requirements like- the USA or those locations that have stricter TEFL requirements like- Middle Eastern countries.

Apart from this, people also pursue an MA in TESOL because they want to make a career outside of teaching English.

To pursue an MA in TESOL you need to have completed a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent degree. MA in TESOL is generally a 2 years long program based on language pedagogy. The program is a combination of both theory-based learning and practical-based teaching practices plus a research element.

Job Opportunities with an MA in TESOL

There are plenty of MA in TESOL job opportunities for capable and qualified teachers. Let’s get to explore every best job opportunity for you to grab:

Curriculum Specialist

As a curriculum specialist, you can get the opportunity to work in-

  • Elementary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Language schools
  • Government Institutions.

Your job responsibility will be to help the teacher develop and improve the course or lesson material. On top of that curriculum specialists also mentor teachers to help them develop an effective curriculum.

Language Academy/ ESL Program Director

As Language academics or ESL program directors, their primary goal is to monitor students’ academic success and they also make sure that every program and school achieves its set mission and goals.

Being a director is one of the most challenging job roles which requires leadership more than any other profession. You will be responsible for gauging the program’s academic output and you also need to make sure that the teacher and curriculum are perfectly aligned with the student’s learning needs or not.

ESL Educators For Community College

If you are a fan of teaching adult teachers then becoming an ESL educator for community college is the ideal option for you. Here you will get to engage with learners from different levels- beginner to advanced, unlike elementary or secondary school students. Additionally, the pay-check is also lucrative.

Material Writers

As a material writer, you can expect to design it for English language learners. You can expect to create, write, and design course-books, worksheets, or other materials. As a material writer you can get job opportunities in- language schools, Government institutions, and other ESL programs.

Private Tutoring

If you prefer to become your own boss of your life and want to teach learners of your preference then becoming a private tutor is the perfect job role for you. By becoming a private tutor you can either start your own business or you can teach in an established language center. On top of that, you can choose to teach learners of different levels like- beginner English, and business English and you can also have the freedom to teach learners individually or in one-on-one groups.

Academic Advisors

If you are an individual who likes to shape the future of learners by providing them guidance and advice then becoming an Academic advisor is the perfect job role for you.  As an academic advisor, you can expect to-

  • Advise students who struggle academically.
  • Track students’ requirements to complete their graduation.
  • Active participation in parents-students conferences.

Home-based Online ESL Instructor 

If you like to teach English in the comfort of your home and at a flexible time then you can consider teaching English online from home. You can set your own rate to charge and you can teach learners from any part of the world. You can expect more higher pay rate if you prefer to work for a private ESL company with an MA in TESOL.

Plenty of Job Opportunities With an MA in TESOL

If you are eyeing to build a long-lasting teaching career in the TEFL industry then MA in TESOL is the perfect way to achieve it. However, you must benign your teaching English journey with a TEFL Course from a reputable institute. There are plenty of job opportunities that can be unlocked after completing your MA in TESOL. Know every possible opportunity by reading the above-mentioned blog.

If you haven’t started your teaching English journey, then what are you waiting for? Embark your TEFL teaching journey with courses like 120 hour TEFL Course Online, where you will get guidance from top expert trainers.

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