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Structuring the Paragraphs

Structuring the Paragraphs: The PEEL Method


Academic writing consists of several things that often intimidate students or make things complex for them. One of the most complex things is writing a paragraph, essay, article, blog, etc. because writing does not only mean fixing some words and making sentences. Hence, it can be tough to deal with things at times. Here, in this article, we will talk about structuring a paragraph with the PEEL method. You must have heard this acronym before but do you know what it stands for? Also, how it can be of your help? This article would not only explain to you the PEEL method but would also provide you with tips to make your next essay top-notch. In the meantime, you can seek assistance from a good assignment writing service for a quality essay. t

Writing an essay is an art and if you are looking forward to honing your academic skills then the PEEL paragraph method is going to be a great help to you. It helps you present your points in a clear and concise manner which is easily understandable to the readers.

 What is the PEEL method? 

The main focus of the writing is on its clarity and authenticity. Hence, the PEEL paragraph method is a technique with which you can structure your paragraphs in a way that would clearly present a focused argument supporting the essay topic or the thesis statement. While writing an argument in essays you can have various aspects. Hence, it is said to be a good practice when you talk about different aspects of arguments in different paragraphs. Moreover, with the help of the PEEL structure, you can attain it with ease. Furthermore, it will make your writing easy and accessible for others to read and understand things without any hassle. Remember, whenever you are writing something, you would not be the one to read it. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the readers and their choices while writing an essay or any other write-up.

As far as the acronym is concerned, it stands for Point, Evidence/ Example, Explain, and Link.

 P for point: It is necessary to begin the paragraph with a clear topic sentence so that the centre of discussion can be easily established. Moreover, the points in the paragraph should be in support of the essay argument or thesis statement you are writing.

E for evidence/example: Here you need to use a supporting example or a piece of evidence supportive of the initial point and for the further development of the argument.

E for explain: As the term suggests, we need to explain how the examples and evidence we have stated are in the support of the initial points of your paragraph and provide further information so that the reader can get the relevance.

L for link: In order to finish the paragraph, you are required to link the points you have mentioned prior to the topic of your essay or thesis.

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Practising PEEL

Let us understand the PEEL method with the help of an example.

Topic: Can we give mobile phones to infants?

Thesis/argument: Infants should not be provided with mobile phones.

Point: We should give mobile phones to infants because it has been seen in studies that children who are less than 2 years can be subject to developmental delays due to too much screen time.

Evidence/example: According to a recent paediatric study, too much screen time can hinder the speech development of the child.

Explanation: The major reason why infants are subject to developmental delays is that other key development has been replaced with screen time.

Link: As per the evidence, infants who are exposed to an excess of screen time are subject to developmental delays majorly seen in speech development. Hence, we should not provide them with mobile phones.

Once you have completed the paragraph, make sure to check if you have covered all the elements or not. The point should have clarity, the examples and evidence should be strong and full of relevance, the explanation should support the evidence and the link should brief the point you have made. In case of any query, an expert at a good assignment writing service would always be your saviour.


Here, we have studied that the paragraphs should be brief, clear, and focused. In case you find the paragraphs are lengthy try to split them into smaller paragraphs. Moreover, make sure to dedicate one paragraph to one aspect of your evidence. Furthermore, proofreading is necessary. Also, in case of confusion, do not forget to ask the experts to do my homework for me.

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