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You Finish Your Dissertation Faster

6 Discreet Productivity Practices To Help You Finish Your Dissertation Faster


Research reveals that almost 50% of doctorate students never finish their dream program as they find it challenging and time-consuming.

Universities not only allow you to learn a lot but also enhance your professional and personal knowledge and skills in a particular field. This learning can build the foundation of your career goals as you gain practical experiences that will allow you to enter and excel in your professional sphere. While it is not easy to prepare for exams in general, one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks you will encounter in your university days is crafting a dissertation.

So how do you complete your doctorate in education dissertation project while still enjoying the process?

Helpful Productivity Tips To Complete Your Dissertation Without Any Delay

Here are some tips to meet your deadlines and finish your dissertation quicker and faster:

1. Plan An Effective Work Session

The first step to getting your dissertation completed on time is to put yourself in the mindset first. The more you procrastinate, the more delayed will be your process of writing. Hence make it a habit to complete at least 2-3 actionable each day. Divide your writing task into sections and make it a habit to at least write for a couple of hours each day.

Split your chores into small manageable tasks and achievable goals. Also, assess your working pattern. Do you work better at night or are you a morning person? The answer to this will allow you to figure out your productive timing during the day and work accordingly.

2. Stay Away From Distractions

While you are at home trying to do something you don’t want to do, it is expected to be swayed by countless distractions. However, distractions will only hinder your process more and prevent you from achieving what you desire. Thus, set a time when you want to work on your dissertation. While working on it, steer clear of all distractions like television, the internet, mobile phones, social media, etc.


Select a calm and quiet place without any background noises where you can focus on your work. Also, choose a place with active lighting so that you don’t have to fight sleep and be fatigued by the time your thesis is over.

3. Shift Your Perspective From Perfection

Being so fixated on perfection can be mentally and physically burdensome especially when you are required to write a dissertation of 10,000 words or more. Thus, focus on getting the job done instead of doing it perfectly. Let’s be honest, you don’t always wake up feeling motivated enough to work on the project and there might be days when you feel sick thus making it challenging to stick to your routine.

Hence prioritize your tasks and complete the areas that require active concentration while leaving the rest for all those not-so-productive days. Track your progress not by the number of words written but by the amount of hours you have put in for outlining, brainstorming, and revising.

4. Prioritize Your Mental And Physical Health

By now you already know that a dissertation is not an easy task and hence you should not be too harsh on yourself. Make sure to have a strict start and end time to ensure that you prioritize your relationships and friendships while taking good care of yourself. If you are experiencing body pain, fatigue, or brain fog, give it a rest and take the day off.

Take out time for activities that will help you relax and stay fit. To maintain proper mental health allow yourself to take an extended break to rejuvenate and nourish yourself. Remember, the more stress you put on yourself, the degraded your dissertation quality can be.

5. Take Productivity Breaks

It is normal to feel exhausted and drained out while working on your dissertation paper for a long. Hence, it is recommended to take frequent breaks. Divide your schedule throughout the day by incorporating small breaks in between.

Go out for a walk, talk to your friends or loved ones, watch your favorite show, or listen to your favorite music. Doing this will clear out any writer’s block that you might have and will allow you to focus better on your task. You can also take a small nap of 10-20 minutes to wake up refreshed and replenished.

6.  Stay Organized And Clutter-Free

Staying organized is one of the best time-saving techniques that you can ever come across. When you are deciding your time and place to write your dissertation, before starting, make sure that you have everything you need. All your resources are sorted, your tools are handy, your referencing style is decided, and in case you require stationeries, keep that in one place too. Doing this ensures that you do not waste time finding your materials when you should actually invest time in writing your piece.

Also, keep your workspace clutter-free to have that peace of mind. It is a psychological issue that your mind gets automatically cluttered and you feel frustrated in a messy space. Thus, keep your place clear so that you can work with a fresh mind.

Work Smart And Be Productive

Writing a dissertation has never been a piece of cake, however, you can make it a little less daunting. Invest your time and effort in the right way to avoid crucial mistakes and follow the strategies mentioned above to write a successful thesis.

In case you are planning to earn a Doctorate in Education to achieve the highest levels of professional achievement, you are just a few steps away. Don’t get disheartened and stay motivated to get the degree of your dreams.

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