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Five Student Routines for Passing Exams

Five Student Routines for Passing Exams


Passing your exams, how to do it? I have often asked myself the question. One thing that I have observed is that many students apply  one or more daily routines.

To pass your exams, get up one hour before the scheduled time. Start with a gentle stretch, then splash cold water on your face and look in the mirror. You can in your head or better out loud tell yourself that you are going to pass this exam. Remember to smile, you are the only one who can judge you, self-satisfaction will give you the necessary confidenc

Finish your stretching exercises with a meditation session of five to twenty minutes. Again, avoid performance, focus on emptying. This will improve your responsiveness if you are surprised by an exam question.

At the end of this routine you should have arrived at the time you planned to wake up. You now have time to take a shower and have a leisurely breakfast.On this exam day, we will favor a diet rich in protein and good fats. I insist on the last point. It is the fat that will allow your brain to function properly. You have to give him his food so that he is at the top of his functions. Although I am a fan of complete or partial fasting, if the exam is in the morning, I eat breakfast. It is wiser to avoid cravings or discomfort while focused on our ordeal.

We have banned sugar and we will limit the intake of carbohydrates which can put you to sleep if you are in the digestion stage. If you can choose, prefer a wholemeal bread to a white bread or braid type milk. One or two slices should suffice. The protein and fat intake are sufficiently satiating for you to last a few hours of examination.

Tea or coffee ?

I am a great lover of coffee and tea, which I consume according to the rules. But to pass an exam, my choice will clearly be an Oolong-type green tea. To keep all its qualities, it is advisable to have water at 80° degrees. If you feel the need before your exam, have a coffee. However, for it to be useful, drink it twenty minutes before entering the examination room. It is after this time that the caffeine takes effect. This avoids any drowsiness effect if you are tired.

Students who do breathing exercises perform better in exams

How to practice breathing exercises? It’s quite simple, just like meditation, you can sit cross-legged, in the lotus position or with your buttocks resting on your heels. We will start with a good inspiration and we will exhale until we have emptied our belly. Because indeed, a good breath passes through the belly. When we breathe in we fill the belly and when we breathe out we empty it. Those who breathe only with their lungs have it all wrong. Once you’ve done a few inhales and exhales, you’ll start sets. For the first series you gradually inhale creating levels by blocking the air at one level of your body. The goal is to reach the end of the count at the top of the head. Once the inspiration is complete, we do the same by descending into the body and exhaling. Start with sets of three, then six, then nine. The first times we stay on series of three or even six if we manage well. Do each set three times.

For further

When you have mastered these series, you can start freediving. It can be done in an inspiration or an expiration but also with the exercise of the bearings. The purpose of this exercise is to increase your breathing capacity. We work on the amplitude of the lungs, the diaphragm and the use of oxygen by our body. Once you’ve reached the end of your inhale you need to hold the air without it becoming an endurance exercise. You have to master your limit. To start, hold your breath for three seconds. We will increase over the course of the series. Once the inspiration is finished, we exhale until we empty all the air and we hold for three seconds.

The first time do only series of inspirations and expirations of three seconds. It is advisable to do about ten repetitions but it must remain fun. You are your only judge. Stop when you reach your limit. With time you will be able to remember ten seconds. This is a reasonable time for exercise. You can go above if you have good control but respect at least the ten repetitions.By performing these exercises, we prepare our brain and therefore our body to limit stress. You can then pass your exams quietly. If you feel panic before or during the exam and you think that passing is impossible; take some time to breathe. You will calm down and your brain will be ready to release all the knowledge you have given it.

Students who pass their exams engage in physical activity

There are people whose physique suggests that physical activity is far from their concerns. Take Warren Buffet, who was the wealthiest man in the world for a long time before being dethroned by his friend Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos. This nice octogenarian with the physique of a grandfather had one of his first jobs delivering newspapers. Every morning before going to school he used his bicycle to deliver “The Times-Herald” and “The Washington Post”. With the money earned he buys his first shares of the Cities Service company. Later he will become the owner of the second newspaper. To this day Warren Buffet, who was valedictorian in college, walks regularly from his home to his office.

Physical exercise oxygenates your brain

Practicing physical activity oxygenates the brain and allows our body to resist stress, fatigue and illness. Make time to exercise when you wake up. A good warm-up, some free-weight exercises and stretching are enough to keep you in shape. Twenty minutes each day of the week and you will be ready to pass your exams.

This program which is there to awaken your body and your mind is the start of a process. Take advantage of your day to make efforts. Walk to school, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, and challenge yourself like sprinting between two points.

Personally like Warren Buffet I enjoy walking around town. I find new ideas and open my mind to other thoughts. It allows me to connect to things other than my daily interactions. In addition, walking can be combined with moving breathing exercises. My brain is therefore open to acquiring new knowledge.

People who go to bed early do better in their exams

The last routine closes this loop which could be bigger. There are many other routines that we could put in place. But we will come back to this in a future article. So let’s close this loop. We started by getting up early, so we end up going to bed early.

As a matter of course, to pass your exams you have to go to sleep early. We have all studied at least once until the end of the night, panicked by the idea of ​​failure. When we wake up we are tired, we struggle with our alarm clock and we arrive at the exam in poor condition. The night is refreshing, let’s take advantage of this moment to recharge our batteries. It’s time to update your brain.

If we want to enjoy the benefits of sleep, we will go to bed before 10:00 p.m. To pass the day before an exam, we stop revising at 7:00 p.m. We take advantage of this time to eat healthy. I insist on this point. Cooking instead of defrosting a dish or having it delivered will bring you a kind of meditation. You will be focused on something other than your revisions and passing your exam. This moment of relaxation will allow your brain to put things back in the right place.

What to do before going to bed?

Prepare all your things before going to sleep. To pass your exam you must avoid all stress that will put a barrier. Choose comfortable clothes and place them in a strategic place in your morning walk. You have to be efficient. Going back and forth to gather what we need is a waste of time and an increase in stress.

You arrange your material to do well in your exam. Think about everything you will need the next day in the exam room. We organize our kit, our bag and our equipment so that we can start the test calmly.

Before going to bed, we remember to reread our notes. Key points to remember. The interesting hooks that we want to put in a text. Important formulas. Doing a simple reading will give your brain food for thought. As we made a cut; he is available to work for us before taking a break.

And you, what do you do ?

Of course there are plenty of other routines you can put in place. We’ll talk about that in another article. But I would be happy to have your feedback on what it will have brought you. To start, you can set up a single routine and then add another. The main thing is to want to improve our daily lives. Passing your exams is setting up a winning process.

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