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What skills should I acquire to work in Qatar?

What skills should I acquire to work in Qatar?


Qatar is a developing country where there are many employment opportunities. The offers are varied and certain areas are in short supply, such as education, construction, finance, hotels , etc. This is why these offers are open to expatriates. In this country, salaries are very attractive even if there is no minimum wage. You can negotiate your salary by highlighting your skills. Are you planning to go to Qatar for work? Here is some information on the skills you need to have to find a job there.

Language skills

Working in Qatar is attracting more and more expatriates. However, language skills are required to be able to apply. The official language of the country is Arabic, but its daily use is rather limited . English is most commonly used. If you want to work there, fluency in English is essential. For work in a public sector, Arabic would be an asset. Therefore, you must demonstrate your level of English and Arabic in your CV.

Technical skills according to the sector of work

Several opportunities are to be seized in Qatar. In addition to mastering English, having specific technical skills depending on the position is important for finding a job there .


This sector is constantly evolving in Qatar. Which means that it presents many opportunities to be seized. To ensure their development, companies require competent people. Certain elements can justify your level of competence. Expats with a degree or background in IT, graphic design, web development or other relevant skills can find work in the country. Like developers, programmer analysts who are most sought after by new grads .

finance and banking

In Qatar, many French people work in this sector. Depending on the position and the evolution of professions, the skills required vary. But banking techniques, communication skills and customer loyalty are among the key skills to be a Senior Manager or bank advisor.


If you are planning to teach English in Doha , the competition is tough even though the opportunities are plentiful. This type of position is highly sought after and requires a certain qualification. Usually, TEFL and a college degree are required to teach English. But the criteria vary according to the schools offering the offer, in particular private schools, public schools, universities and language schools. Specific training is also sometimes required.


Construction is one of the most dynamic sectors in the country. The evolution of infrastructure investment programs provides opportunities for workers . Companies recruit high-performing staff. Skills in project management, planning and construction methods are essential assets for construction engineers, architects and site managers. Fluency in technical English is also required.

Hotel – catering

Working in this field is exciting. The professions attached to this sector are in contact with people from different countries. It is therefore essential to speak several languages ​​and have a good sense of interpersonal skills. It is necessary to maintain friendly relations with customers and professionals. A good capacity for analysis is also necessary for the management to be done at best.

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