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Top online courses 2022 – free online education


To learn new things. Train to stay up to date or master new skills such as digital marketing. To undertake new things, or to undertake at all! More than ever, online courses represent an investment.

This article brings together for you many addresses of online courses, distance learning courses and many other online training resources open to everyone.

Do you finally want to take excel courses, law courses to make your business idea a reality or SEO training? Or a course to launch your Shopify online store ? The free distance learning offer has never been greater.

It’s up to you to choose your distance learning course according to your interests, the time you have available and your budget.


Build your online store today with Shopify. No need to know how to code to get started!


Free online courses for entrepreneurs
As we have said, you will therefore be able to take general or specific courses or training remotely in all kinds of disciplines.

But as an active entrepreneur , this period will be interesting to acquire very specific knowledge, such as a free computer course, which could initiate opportunities for your business.

Free distance learning in digital marketing and drop shipping

Whatever your entrepreneurial project, you will need knowledge of digital marketing. Especially if you run a drop shipping store . Indeed, the way you will develop your brand and target your customers will be a fundamental element of your success.

Our blog already includes dozens of articles on digital marketing that will teach you the basics. We also have an article dedicated to the best digital marketing training courses that exist in French. If you’re fluent in English, sign up for Oberlo 101 , a free, comprehensive drop

shipping distance learning course that will teach you how to grow an online store from A to Z.

The content also includes a section dedicated to digital marketing training, to set up an effective strategy, particularly on Facebook Ads.

Can’t find free drop shipping training? Take our Oberlo 101 course, learn the basics and launch your online dropshipping store!


There are many offers on the net to learn drop shipping, but do not hesitate to make a comparison in our article on drop shipping training to choose the right one. Find out well in advance if you still want to take risks.

Free training Print on demand
Another training that we offer, but this time entirely in French: a special Print On demand training that we recently shot at Shopify.

What is print on demand? It’s printing on demand from design providers on t-shirts that you can then sell on your online store. This allows you to create your clothing brand simply without having to manage your stocks or delivery, and without a starting budget. In short, the dream. You just need to find good design ideas for your audience and have a good marketing strategy. How to do ?


Skeall, the new education platform for entrepreneurs
Skeall was founded this year by two French entrepreneurs, Pierre-Eliott Lallemant and Pablo Guirao. They have brought together many e-commerce and digital marketing entrepreneurs to offer several quality training courses. After launching a completely free beta, Skeall offers a monthly subscription of 12 euros 50 for access to all courses and a free 3-day trial.

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